Wednesday, 16 February 2011


1.      1. Gender-   Male(6)     female(6)
From this question we have found out that we had an equal number of females and males. This was good as then we had a equal range. We can then find out what type of gender would watch the film.
2.      2. Age- 0-10(0)  11-17(8)  18-25(2)  26+(2)
By asking this question we found out that more people were aged between 11-17. This helped us identify what type of audience we were going to aim our film at.
3.       3.Favourite thriller genre- psychological thriller(2)  crime(5)  action(3)  man-on-the-run(2)
From this question we found out that more people preferred crime thriller rather than physiological, action and man on the run. This was good as our opening sequence first idea was to do a psychological/crime thriller.
4.       4.Suitable location- alley way(3)  graveyard(5)  shopping centre(2)  hospital(1)  forest(1)
We asked this question as we wanted to find out the best place where our opening sequence can be held. From this we dound out that more people liked it to be in a graveyard r part of it.
5.       5.How often do you watch films? Daily(2)  weekly(8)  monthly(2)  yearly (0)
This was a good question to ask as then we knew how often people watch film.
6.       6.What time should the film be filmed?  Morning(0)  late morning(1)  mid-day(3)  early evening  late evening(7)
This was a good question to ask as we could then find out when users liked the film to be filmed. More liked it at night which would create more suspense and tension. Most people would therefore prefer a tenser more scary movie.  
7.       7.Which of the following movies would you prefer? Seven(11)  butterfly effect(1)  number 23(1)
From this question we found out that most people preferred the opening sequence from seven. In our interview we asked why seven was the chosen and we found out that it was because of the tense atmosphere created as the shots were mostly extreme close ups. From this we used seven for inspiration.
8.       8.What type of lighting would you prefer? Day  afternoon  night(12)
9.       9.Would you like the main character to show his identity or to be unknown? Identity  unknown(12)
By asking this question we found out that most people preferred the main character to be unknown. Initially our idea was to have the character unseen, as this would create more tension and anxiety.
10.  10. What type of music do you prefer? Fast pace(12)  slow pace  medium pace
From this question we found out that most users liked to have fasted based music. This will obviously create the tense mood and therefore reflect our main genre.
11.  11. What type of personality would you like the main character to have? Creepy(2)  physiological(8)  hidden(2)  mysterious(0)
We asked this question as we didn’t know whether to have more than one character. Most people choose a creepy character. This was good as our ideas were based upon this.

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Feedback Of Opening Sequence

1. Titles are too small-
2. Not long enough
3. great soundtrack
4. Sometimes the black invades too much on your frame
5. good tension- but you need more material

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Monday, 10 January 2011

Our Movie StoryBoard

this is a overhead shot taken of what kind of tools there will be on the table. the camera will then move down showing a title as it does
a beaker full of a liquid and a piece of cloth by the side resembling  distress and mysterious actions. this will be a close up shot

this will be an extremly close up shot taken of the person putting on a glove. the glove being put on resembles that the person might be a doctor or highly educated. this shows suspence and makes the audience think.

A close up of the characters hand holding a syringe whilst flicking it. .

The movement with the spoon shows mystery as we are unsure wht he is mixing at the time.

the knife resembles trouble as the audience may believe that something will hapen. it also shows the person testing wether the knife is sharp by running through his fingers.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Title list for opening sequence

Dynamite Productions - Distributer

Film 4 - Main Distributer

Raju Patel - Main Actor

Name of film

Leonardo Zen - Actor

Henry Jones - Casting
Mary Chang

Omar Paracha - Screenplay
Robert Leahey

Ashwin Dabasia - Director of Photography

Omar Paracha - Costume Designer

Ashwin Dabasia - Editing
Omar Paracha
Raju Patel    

Rob Leahey - Music

Raju Patel
Omar Paracha  - Producers

Ashwin Dabasia - Director